Other documents from the Culture Club “Luigi Capuana” of Mineo




Here we offer some documents from various periods, transcribed from the original, and on the history of the Circle of Culture Luigi Capuana. They are materials which in the past had already been brought to the attention of readers, but they were scattered in diverse publications. Therefore they found here an opportunity to be together, more easily bibliographic retrieval. Also available is the version of the English text.
The History of the “Circle” in its general aspects is not dissimilar to that of other local realities, which in some cases still survive and operate with varying degrees of vitality: sometimes they are remnants of the anachronistic, inexorably destined to fade. In other cases are renewed, as an active body to move with the times and in line with the needs of the contemporary democratic society.
web-dsc03406The first two documents found, officially attest to the membership of Luigi Capuana from an early age to society of the “Circle.” The primary finding of the admission request is dated 1860 and there is a second ten years later, following his stint in Florence. [1]
21579_219661534348_778634348_2957330_5156724_nIn 1908, there was a dispute between the “Circle” and the council then. It demanded by the shareholders the payment of a local tax on municipal property, which had been granted since 1841 in private according to the emphyteusis system. The issue was brought to a successful outcome from the standoff in which he was by way of negotiations conducted by Baron Vincenzo Grimaldi.
web-dsc03412We arrive after the Second World War, with another legal dispute. This time it is between the “Circle” and the Italian State. The problem of local ownership of the “Circle” was the subject of a process at the Court of Catania. It is drawn up for this purpose new memories and other acts aimed at the recovery of the power of the shareholders following the acquisition of the property by the State Property. In these maps are a lot of information on the “Circle” since its inception.
img_1073Overall, the texts gathered here show some particular aspects with the regard to the relationship between the “Circle” and other institutions. The association of a lay organization and exclusive, which in turn was named “Company of the Civil”, “Circle of the Nobles” to the current name, over time has faced the problem of maintaining a effective autonomy from conditioning and from external powers, which in the twentieth century were the fascist regime, the pervasiveness of Democratic Christian Party monopoly and the most recent, fragile but no less dishonorable, phenomena that made it stand out the entire town of Mineo to judicial reports national and still weigh on its present and its future. It remain for us only to associating at most fervent wish “that never will fade and the company is always, as in the past, prestige and decorum of our city, means of preventing civil strife, cultivating friendships, to promote the morality, to exchange the lamps, to educate by example the hearts of youth to high grade of civilization and honor, as with deep wisdom and foresight lucky our fathers is proposed “.

web-dsc03408Document no. 1 – 10 June 1860.
Admission of Giuseppe Costanzo, Gaetano Tamburino, Agrippino Damigella, Id. Mario, Id. Agrippino Arcangelo, Luigi Capuana.
The Milleottocentosessanta year. The day June 10 in Mineo. Gathered the members in the quorum on the advice of Mr Deputies going to get the secret vote of Mr Giuseppe Costanzo, Gaetano Tamburino, Agrippino Arcangelo Damigella, Mario Damigella, Agrippino Damigella of Giuseppe and Luigi Capuana for their admission into this society of meeting.
Given the secret ballot their admission was unanimously.
Made the id. month, id. year as above in the presence of Mr. Deputies assisted by two scrutineers
– Deputy Canonical Sorrentino
– Giovanni Politi
Dr. Pasquale Ciancico Scrutineer
Dr. Tommaso Cirmeni Scrutineer

img_1072Document no. 2 – 12 October 1870 – Admission of Luigi Capuana.
The year eighteen hundred seventy. The day 12 january in Mineo. The deputation met with the assistance of two scrutineers below written, so switching to a secret vote for the admission of new Associate Mr. Luigi Capuana Gaetano son, the application asked by virtue of this man there said 8 this month, in assise of 9, and having obtained the unanimous vote secrets, as the here attached list and the number of members present is admitted.
Vincenzo … Scrutinizer
Gaetano Tamburino Scrutinizer
the Deputation
Mario … [Damigella?]
Canonical and Pastor Mario Simili

21579_219658359348_778634348_2957325_4904281_nDocument no. 3 – City of Mineo, excerpt from the Register of the City Council resolutions. Subject: Granting of municipal premises for lease to the Casino of the Civil Congress. [2]
The year nineteen hundred eight, four on the day of August in Mineo and in the Town Hall. Mr. Tambourine Cav. Avv. Giacomo Mayor of Mineo, adopted the following resolution:
Then the President recalls that the Chiefs for by Resolution 6 November 1907, implemented by n. 1327, the Council failed for a long practices amicable, authorized the mayor to promote the civil judgment against the Company of this in order to obtain the release of municipal premises occupied by it at different times. Which began the proceedings before the Civil Court of Caltagirone there were several postponements and the cause has not yet come into question. Meanwhile the egregious Mr Baron Vincenzo Grimaldi of Niscima, with laudable intent, spontaneously took the good initiative to sever the cause arose and is happily succeeded in order, so as to praised almost unanimous vote by the Company (forty five against five) in the following order of the day:
“The House of Civil Congress believes that avoiding disputes is the work of wise and prudent administrator, especially when you can not predict the consequences, in order to settle the dispute pending between the City and this Society, by express mandate of the current Deputation to allow the perpetual lease with the City not only of the buildings currently occupied by the Company, but also the small and adjoining the old prison building, owned by the municipality, for the annual rent, net of any burden and imposing lire percent. »
The City Council welcomed willingly the work of praised Baron Grimaldi crowned with success so happy and it is now in votes for obtaining permission to enter into power the proposed long-term lease, sure you will succeed liked the truncate a lite and fix definitely a location that was uncertain.
The usefulness of this proposal will be easy to detect it, is when you consider that the Civil Society of owing anything to the City, because having owned the local mood domains for a thirty-year period, was believed become absolute owner for usucaption effect both when you consider that the lire hundred fee offered is fine in relation to the value of the buildings to enjoy, as appears from the survey that, for this purpose, has been prepared by this town council consultant, which shows that the price of the mentioned above buildings it is two thousand and thirty-seven lire.
Nor would it be to use the experiment to auction according to the appraisal price, because in fact the Company that contrasts to the Municipality of local ownership, renunciation to the dispute to the condition that it be granted a long lease directly and the fees of hundred lire.
The President then invited the Council to act.
The Council, given the previous resolution of 6 November 1907 in which it was authorized the dispute. Read the report of the City Assessor. Considering that serves the interests of the City remove a fight with an uncertain outcome. It considered that the annual fee of lire percent, net of any burden and imposing, corresponds well to the fruitiness of the local capital, which are granted and as are described in the minutes of the City Assessor.
Acting by unanimity to grant the said premises for the annual fee of a hundred pounds less any burden imposed and imposing, to perpetual lease to this Society “House of the Civil Congress” and authorizes the Mayor to enter into its long-term lease, which will be governed by the conditions laid down by the Civil Code to emphyteusis Title and all other agreements that will believe appropriate and useful to allow.
Consequently renouncing authorized quarrel with the decision of 6 November course.
Sends a vote of praise all’Ill.mo Mr Baron Vincenzo Grimaldi for having cooperated to break off an argument that he could succeed harmful for both contenders.
The minutes, the previous reading and confirming, as infra is signed.
The senior Director M. Simili
The President G. Tamburino
The Secretary Damigella

399967_10150515257374349_778634348_8655176_1969197052_nDocument no. 4 – City of Mineo, excerpt from the Register of the City Council resolutions. Subject: Confirmation on second reading of the concession to perpetual Long lease of municipal premises to the Civil Casino, 25 August 1908. [3]

img_1071Document no. 5 – N ° 2409 repertoire, lease [4]
Reigning Vittorio Emanuele Third by the Grace of God and the will of the Nation King of Italy.
The year nineteen hundred eight (1908) on 31 December day in Mineo and in my study site in Buglio Square in the foreground.
Next to Me Lawyer. Pitari Francis Xavier was Notar Dr. Thomas Notaro to the residence of Mineo, registered with the Notarial Council of Caltagirone and the presence of the gentlemen was Limoli Vincenzo Antonio, a landowner and Nolfo Joseph was Liborio, Civil, both born and dimiciliati in Mineo, known witnesses, appropriate and required, known to me;
Are present
On one side: the Mr Albertini Cross was Dr. Francis, a surgeon in as a senior councilor, working as Mayor of this municipality for the absence of the owner.
And on the other: The lords Montemagno Thomas was Joseph, a teacher, and was Receputo Giuseppe Luigi, civil, landowner, whom deputies legitimate representatives of this Civil Society called “HOUSE OF THE CONFERENCE OF CIVIL MINEO”, as well as members of that association Sigg . Drummer Mark was Joseph and his son Joseph; Corrado Tamburino brother Joseph and the Cav. James, Avv. Vincenzo Ciancico Pasquale, brothers John and Joseph Pitari; Greek was Ignatius; Archangel brothers, engineer and Patrizio Similar Cav. Sylvester; Pietro Giuseppe Montemagno was a teacher; Montemagno Reina Joseph was Joseph; Stanganelli Dott. Joseph was Mario; Blandini Dott. Giuseppe Feliciano was born in Palagonia and son Dott. Giuseppe; Roccuzzo Joseph was Antonio and Arcangelo was Baron Francis.
All civilians landowners, born and domiciled in Mineo, to me personally known Notaro.
Such appearing parties, in elucidation of what will be to establish with this contract, preliminary matter:
The Baron Don Giuseppe Signori Morgana, Dr. Thomas Carco, Dott. Luigi De-Balba and Don Giovanni Politi, with the quality of deputies legitimate representatives of Civil Society, called Civil Class Bill and by the City of Mineo, in 1841 presented to a Decurionate instance mercy they wished to grant the Municipal hall, at that time designated to the Urbani service, direct it in order to conference room, and commit to substitute for that locale other service most suitable and convenient, the benevolent to decuria, whose representatives said they were ready pay the rent. Capacity dett’istanza examination of Decurionate this, at its meeting on 4 July 1800 forty, took the following resolution:
Considering to be very unbecoming to this municipality until now the lack of a home public conversation; – Considering the benefits that fruit to the Company such institution, direct to ban civil discord, to cultivate friendships, to hold in esteem the moral, to promote the exchange of enlightenment and educate with the example of the wisest hearts of youth the hardening of civilization and honor; – Considering that the village hall, currently assigned to the good order of place, is the only place in fact the only one that exists in this municipality suitable for commendable institution above invoked;
Whereas the local supply of the other place for good order, with the conditions above, with pagarsene the rent by the undersigned, is a proposition that deserves all the hospitality;
The village hall where at present there is still the good order place is dedicated to house public conversation, and that gives rise to local Another replacement for the good order placed, to the benevolent decuria with having to pay the corresponding rent Deputies from the gentlemen representatives the class honored and distinguished citizens of Mineo, the thick that will be to settle similarly to the aforementioned contract obligation. –
So it concluded the contract was soon executed and the Company, conveniently reduced the local, settled here and assumed the burden corresponded to the City by providing the local place for good order, removing rent from Confraternity of the Holy Spirit a shop of which he was paying the rent for twenty pounds per year and seventy-five cents (29.75 L.) as appears from the similar receipts issued dall’Arciconfraternita same.
however, abolished in 1800 sixty-urban police and not having therefore the need of the local municipality for the good order placed, the Society of Civil did not correspond to any municipality fee.
So it continued until today, when the City Council, based on the above resolution, the Company asks cost above the local release from her busy or at least an annual fee in proportion to the value of it.
The Society of Civil, resisting such a claim, he considered himself freed of any obligation towards the municipality for having usucapito the ownership of the premises.
The town council agreed to trial the representatives of the Congress House with quote 11 March 1908 with archive number n. 74 – Usher Blandini Joseph. Pending the outcome of this House of the Civil Congress, recognizing the need of other local and wishing those adjacent proprii the City, already assigned to the district prison and now a pawnshop, by resolution passed on July 12 this year, gave sent to appearing gentlemen Montemagno and Receputo, its representatives, to allow the municipality a contract of perpetual lease, not only of the existing premises and in question, but also the adjacent of the old prison building, today pawnshop, pel lire percent annual fee , to be paid on 31 August each year, net of any burden or imposing, and this in order to truncate the case pending with mutual renunciation of any other claim.
The top offer was accepted by the City Council with the two resolutions of the four twenty-five August this year and approved October 12 by the next Administrative Provincial Council.
As introduced above those appearing in the names, waived mutual claims and with the most fervent wishes that the Company can never fade and will always, as in the past, prestige and decorum of our city, means of preventing civil strife, of cultivating friendships, to promote morality, to exchange the lamps, to educate by example the hearts of youth to high grade of civilization and honor; as with deep wisdom and foresight lucky our fathers is proposed, it befalleth to the signing of this contract, of which the ancient and the following statements must formar a single whole:
Art. 1 – The appearing Mr Albertini in the name grants to perpetual lease to others appearing Gentlemen Montemagno, Receputo, Tamburino, Ciancico, Pitari, Simili, Montemagno, Stanganelli, Blandini, Roccuzzo and Barone, who in the quality specified above, accept the integers premises currently occupied by the Conference of the Civil House, and the adjacent two Terrans with the three overlying adjacent rooms and discovered, once used as a prison and whose rooms are the current premises of the Monte di Pietà, bordering the road Division, Erice, Piazza Buglio and homes of those claiming under Mario Simili; those same buildings reported in land art. 12,605; n. 333, 334 of the map with the L. 262,50 income.
Art. 2 – In consideration for the sudetti enfiteuti or for them the Deputation of the Conference of the Civil House agrees to make payments to the City of Mineo and through him to the City Treasurer, the established canon in the latter’s office, this day of 31 August of each year agreement in the sum of one hundred pounds (L. 100).
Art. 3 – The Civil Society leaseholder will begin to pay the license fee as set forth above, from the day when Mr Albertini in the name will have delivered all local as above ceded in perpetual lease.
Art. 4 – The leaseholder renounce any right to compensation for partial loss of buildings granted, which is bound to improve and reduce them to the fullest.
Art. 5 – In the case in which the leaseholder proceeded to the sale of all or part of the long lease manufactured, in the sense of Art. 1562 Civil Code, the buyer must within one month from the day of purchase and under penalty of transience emphyteusis, be recognized by the City granting reconnaissance by notarial act.
Art. 6 – the leaseholder may at any time redeem the fee, even partially, provided that whenever affranchi no less than half of it.
Art. 7 – For whatever is not specifically mentioned, the parties refer to the provisions of the Civil Code.
Art. 8 – In consequence of the above contractors sudetti riunziano judgment pending between them, believing offset each other expenses.
Art. 9 – The costs of this act are common load.
And I get asked this act for my care written by a trusted person, and I read in the presence of the above-named witnesses to the last named parties, who declare it complies with espressami will.
This act deals with ten pages minus four lines of three sheets of stamped paper.
Croce Albertini Mayor locum tenens; Tommaso Montemagno; Giuseppe Receputo; Dott. Giuseppe Stanganelli; Dr. Feliciano Blandini; Marco Tamburino; Pietro Montemagno; Avv. Vincenzo Ciancico; Dott. Giuseppe Blandini; Arcangelo Simili; Patrizio Simili; Giuseppe Tamburino Capuana; Giuseppe Montemagno Reina; Giovanni Pitari; Giuseppe Pitari; Giuseppe Roccuzzo; Arcangelo Barone; Giuseppe Tamburino son of Giacomo Tamburino Corrado; Vincenzo Limoli witness – Giuseppe Nolfo witness; Francesco Saverio Pitari notary.
[Manuscript addition:] Recorded in Mineo on 1/17/1909 at no. 800 Mod. 1 vol. 76. Exact £ 50.
[Stapled manuscript sheet on the first page of the document:] Buildings Mineo art. 12,605. It comes from ‘art. 11986 by decree No. 27/7/944. Article 159. 38
1 – Civil Casino. Piazza Buglio n. 28, Street Division 1: T 2. Map 333, £ 666.68.
2 – Prisons. Street Division 1, Via S. Maria degli Angeli [later renamed Via Luigi Capuana] 3: T 3, 1 p. 3. Map 334 £ 266.67.
Art. 4135 n. 333 and 334 with income of £ 262.50. Act Pitari 31.12.1908, reg. n. 800.

dscf2806Document no. 6 – Writ of summons, 06.26.1945. [5]
The Lords Avv. Salvatore Simili, Giuseppe Montemagno and Michele Damigella, domiciled and resident in Mineo, in the capacity as members of the Deputation of the Circle of Culture Luigi Capuana to Mineo and in that capacity directors and statutory representatives of that association, citing the Intendant of Finance of the Province of Catania pro tempore, as representative of the state property asset of the state, by law domiciled in the offices of local State Attorney, to appear before the Civil Court of Catania, Section and Instructor destinandi, within twenty days from now, with warning that in the absence of summons will proceed equally in his absence, and that the effect of the following:
In 1841 a group of professionals and educated people obtained the concession from Decurionate Mineo a community hall, already destined to urban police service, for use of the conference home. Subsequently, the local was enlarged and improved decently, because, by deed dated December 31, 1908, notary. Pitari, the mayor of Mineo “with the most fervent wish that the Company will never fade and will always, as in the past, prestige and decorum of the city, means of preventing civil strife, cultivating friendships, to promote morals, to exchange the lamps, to educate by example the hearts of youth to high grade of civilization and honor, as with deep wisdom and foresight lucky fathers is proposed “, granted to perpetual lease to the House of Congress civil Mineo, for the annual fee lire percent, not just the locals who until then had occupied but also those of the adjacent building of the old prison.
He prospered so calm the burgeoning partnership, which afterwards took the name of Circle of Culture Luigi Capuana, in tribute to his eminent countryman. But the serenity was disturbed by the fascist party. A bad day the Federal Catania Mineo sent a representative to publicize that “for the decorum of the city” was essential that the beam had to Mineo a permanent establishment and proper and that local only suitable for this need were those of the Circle Cultural Luigi Capuana. Some observations were submissive rintuzzate immediately with the dilemma “or pure and simple concession, or invasion of the premises by the black shirts and consequential measures for the misunderstanding.” Was giuocoforza give in and so those places, that even under the domination Bourbon formed in Mineo a beacon of civilization and culture, became headquarters and properties of the beam Combat Mineo. A first deed of gift was imposed on the members and consecrated in deed Calcaterra of 5 April 1936, transcribed the order numbers 8647 and especially 6680, speaking on behalf of the National Fascist Party of the lawyer. Alfio Guglielmino Commissioner Beam Battle of Mineo. Subsequently, the jurists of the party had doubts about the validity of the first act, and it imposed a second, the deeds of Notary Perticonio Libertini on June 8, 1940, in which intervened the Secretary to the Mineo Beam, regularly authorized by order of 10 February 1940 Cape of Administrative Services of the National Fascist Party, by proxy of the Secretary of the Party. As with the first act, with the latter it was donated not only the premises of the club, but also all the furniture which furnished them, including a six hundred and twenty-volume library.
That the donation should be considered coerced members with moral violence and should therefore be annulled is not really necessary to prove linger. In September of 1943 it was clearly seen by the officer suffered Allied officer to the District of Caltagirone Civil Affairs, who ordered that the premises were returned to the risen Cultural Circle Luigi Capuana, rightful owner. The club had to then pay 1534.69 L. of rolling back the land from 1940 onwards, that the beam did not pay without the Collector had the courage to harass him!
Meanwhile, on 19 May c.a. The Prosecutor of Mineo Registry, under the orders of the defendant Intendant of Finance, drew up the minutes of taking possession, on behalf of the state, the premises of the Club, leaving them in precarious delivery to the Club itself. Since then, the act of violence against a circle appears deleted, you need to ask the Magistrate.
Therefore considered the above and anything else can be deduced
May it please the Court Ill.mo, outcast any contrary defense, declare null for absolute lack of consensus and subject to undo defect of consent by reason of moral violence, the act of donation June 8, 1940 Not. Perticonio Libertini, allowed by the members of the Circle of Culture Luigi Capuana to Mineo in favor of the dissolved National Fascist Party, which is now succeeded by the Investment State Property, which has to be donated the property in that district in Piazza Buglio, Via Luigi Capuana and Via Erice, bordering houses of the Germans Stancanelli Cirmeni and Mario Costa heirs, consisting of four rooms with all annexes, connected and appliances, and furniture, catastato art. 6973 Land Registry buildings Mineo with ITL 993.35 income; where appropriate, notify also declare invalid the previous deed of gift April 5, 1936, Not. Calcaterra; conseguentialmente declare the ineffectiveness of the minutes of taking possession of the Office of Mineo Register of May 19, 1945, and authorized to declare the club, which employs them, to consider local and furniture as their exclusive property and lawful possession, unless the fee payable to the City of Mineo; order the defendant in the name and quality to the costs and fees.
It will settle the donation act challenged. He calls for the appointment of the investigating judge.
Damsel Michele – Avv. Salvatore Similar
Giuseppe Montemagno – Avv. Vincenzo Tamburino proc. legal
The year millenovecentoquarantacinque, the twenty-sixth day of June in Catania.
Moments Messrs Avv. Salvatore Similar, Giuseppe Montemagno and Damsel Michele, in the above qualities and as above domiciled and resident, I Bailiff, the Court of Catania, my home, I notified the superior act of all’Intendente quotation of Finance Catania, in the representation above, by the issuance of the copy in the offices of this State Attorney in Piazza Teatro Massimo, there doing delivery of such copy to the usher hands Petteca Alfio.
Catania June 26, 1945

img_1075Document no. 7 – 27.09.1945. day of the trial – hearing Minutes. [6]
The twenty-seven year millenovecentoquarantasei day of September, in the district court in Mineo, before the magistrate, Cav. Dott. Francesco Branca, attended by Chancellor signed, has called the lawsuit between lawyer. Similar Salvatore, Giuseppe Montemagno and Damsel Michele, in the names, actors. And the State Administration, Int. Catania of Finance.
Occur: 1) The lawyer. Agrippino Zimbone, replacing Att. Vincenzo Tamburino, the latter made up for the actors involved.
2 °) The lawyer. Alfonso Nigido dell’Avv.ra state of Catania, prosecutor constituted due to the Superintendency of Finance of Catania, defendant.
The lawyer. Zimbone, in the name, he claims that, in execution of the decree of the Praetor of Mineo, fixing today’s hearing for the completion of witness evidence delegated to same by Magistrate Judge Civil Instructor of Catania, it commences taking the test itself and exhibits for this purpose the list of witnesses with the relevant notification.
The texts are all duly summoned.
The lawyer. Nigido not opposed.
The Magistrate has perhaps beginning to looming.
Without the appeal of the texts, they are all present except Cirasa heads, so the lawyer. Zimbone declares that the same is found absent from Mineo since the day he was made the citation and was unable to return for reasons of compelling interest.
Waiver of the hearing by that heads did not appear.
The lawyer. Nigido not opposed.
The Praetor gives note of the foregoing.
Introduced the first heads [handwritten addition in the margin: “Emanuele Gentile.” Ed], remaining secluded others, the same shall, subject to the standard warnings and admonitions of the law, the oath is being taken with the ritual formula: “Aware of the responsibility that you take with the oath before God and men, sworn to tell the truth, nothing but the truth. ”
The witness, according all’impiedi and bareheaded, swears by repeating the words, “I swear.”
Then, the required general, says his name: Dear Francis Emmanuel was 32 years of Mineo, a teacher, not a relative, indifferent.
D.R. [Read ‘to demand answers. ” Editor’s note]: Around the year 938 was applied to the political secretariat of the dissolved party of P.N.F. and I had occasion protocollando also the inbox, read the energetic missive from the federation, with whom he solicited and stigmatized the political secretary of the time, Dr. Carco, procrastinated because the definition of the practice relating to the sale of the local beam “Luigi Capuana” circle.
Indeed I remember that at different times but always in the era sumenzionata, came to beam Mineo two federal inspectors, and certainly some Muscarà Guglielmino, to be interested in the same issue; especially the latter, speaking in the local beam, threatened reprisals against those members, who were many who did not intend to adhere to the same local transfer request.
As a result the political secretary wrote many letters to shareholders not resident in Mineo, urging them to forward proxy for the sale and threatening, if not, to report them to the federation.
D.R .: I remember that sunominati inspectors, among other things, said that the premises or were disposed of, or would be occupied by force.
A question of producing, responds: the claim of the beam also extended to the complete furnishing of furniture.
At the request of the respondent: the claim against all the premises of the club.
L.C.S. [ “Bed, confirmed and undersigned.” editor’s note]
F.to Emanuele Gentile.
Introduced the second heads [handwritten addition in the margin: “Mario Amari.” Editor’s note], the same is made the same warnings, mentioned above, and the oath is being taken with the ritual formula above.
The witness, according all’impiedi and bareheaded, swears by repeating the words, “I swear.”
Then, the required general, says his name: Mario Amari was Charles, aged 33 from Mineo, rag. not relative, indifferent.
D.R .: In the year 937, or 38 used to come often in the Mineo Ispett. Fed. adv. Guglielmino, who was allowed to make impositions under threat of reprisals, such as that of confinement, withdrawal card and other, so that citizens erogassero sums or abbonassero mandatory in certain newspapers. I personally was threatened of card withdrawal if I had not subscribed to the “Corriere di Sicilia”.
At the same time I remember that among the members of the local club “Luigi Capuana” there was a ferment and an alarm, which was expressed publicly, because the same inspector had threatened in the same manner as explained above those members who did not adhere to the sale of the premises of the circle to the beam.
It was also said that he had threatened to violently occupy the premises if they were not transferred voluntarily.
The members of the resistance lasted a long time, but in the end had to yield under the energetic pressure and threats of political authorities.
F.to Amari Mario
Introduced the third heads [handwritten addition in the margin: “Bellino Carmelo”. Editor’s note], remaining secluded remaining, the same is made to the admonitions of which forward and referred the oath with the ritual formula above.
The witness, according all’impiedi and bareheaded, swears by repeating the words “I swear.”
Then, the required general, says his name: Bellino Sebastiano Carmelo was 59 years of Mineo, a landowner, not a relative, indifferent.
D.R .: I do not remember exactly but probably around the years 36-37, since I am also then president of Local Assoc. Nat. Comb., I had occasion to hear the complaints of some members, who were also members of the club “Luigi Capuana” because, they said, had come of federal inspectors and demanded the transfer of the circle with local threat that the same premises would be contrary occupied by force.
To me personally it does not appear that they had been threatened with reprisals against individual members.
F.to Bellino Carmelo
Subsequently it appeared the fourth heads [handwritten addition in the margin: “Agrippino Bellino.” Editor’s note], which are addressed to the admonitions of which is being taken forward and the oath with the ritual formula above.
The witness, according all’impiedi and bareheaded, swears by repeating the words “I swear.”
Then, the required general, says his name: Bellino Agrippino Benedict was aged 38, from Mineo, barber, not a relative, indifferent.
D.R .: Negative on the articles. I do not I was interested neither the club nor of what was happening in the country around the years 37 and 38; I only know that one day I saw the emblems of the beam in the club rooms “Luigi Capuana”.
F.to Bellino Agrippino
Introduced the fifth heads [handwritten addition in the margin: “Mario Zimbone”. Editor’s note], the same is made the legal warnings listed above and is referred the oath with the ritual formula above.
The witness, according all’impiedi and bareheaded, swears, repeating the words “I swear.”
Then, the required general, says Zimbone called Mario Joseph of 28 years from Mineo, indifferent, not relative.
DR: 1936-37-38 Over the years I attended the pre-military courses required and the commander of the time, he was sure Di Blasi and a few more that I am not worth remembering, said often that if the premises of the “Luigi Capuana” circle were not transferred to the beam one day or the other would armed with muskets there and we would have occupied the same premises.
This was often repeated after exercises.
Nothing else of my knowledge.
F.to Mario Zimbone
At this point the magistrate, having been examined indictment texts present, unless the consent to the disclaimer made by the parties to the hearing of the witness Cirasa Francis by Investigating Judge delegator, declares closed the state the mezzzo investigation chief arranging for the documents to delegating magistrate.
Of the present, confirmed and signed by all the intervening parties.
F.ti: Avv.ti: Agrippino Zimbone – Alfonso Nigido.
Chancellor. F.to:
The Praetor F.to: Francesco Branca.
It copies that you shall grant Att. Vincenzo Tamburino. Catania, August 17, 1948.


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